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July 26, 2008


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Ivory Russell

Hello!I do not currently own a dog but I want to. I would like a dog as hypo-allerginic as possible and small. A friend had recommended poodle mixes. Are there any recommendations?

Leos of OZ

HI why not just get a full poodle?
at least you will know the size it will grow and that its coat wont shed etc. you don't have to clip them like poodles! the poodle is a nice dog with hair that you can do almost anything with.. They don't come with poms and a shaved face - you clip them to look like that if you want - but you don't have too... if you like a fluffy bishon look or just cute and flufy then tell your groomer that you don't want it to look like a poodle and how long you want the coat and any decent groomer should be able to give you a cute little fluffy dog that no one will think is a poodle ;))

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